Friday, August 15, 2008

    The Power Of Fraud

    I was too pissed to post about this when I first heard of it - now I've chilled and can share my thoughts on the fraud JIVE of China. I'm rather glad I waited since with the passing of a few days even more fraud and JIVE has been disclosed. From their hosting the Olympic games to the food they send you or your pet to eat - it is all a fraud - JIVE.

    First we have the most beautiful little Chinese girl - Yang Peiyi - replaced because the BIG GOVERNMENT declared her to adorable enough - yet she was forced to sing out of view. The Olympic director, Gilbert Felli, didn't have a problem with this since his focus was the illusion of it all - the $$$. Even worse was the fact that NBC also knew - but kept it a secret from the viewers. Wish President Bush had offered little Peiyi political asylum in the USA. Little girl JIVE.

    Then, also at the opening ceremony, turns out all those 'Ethnic' children representing China's 56 ethnic groups were all FAKES - JIVE - in fact, were all of the same majority Han Chinese race. Racial JIVE!

    How about reports from on-site reporters seeing Chinese police fill up the seats and give the watching world the impression that the event is a huge success. Their reactions are no doubt studied by the authorities on CCTV, with anyone guilty of a lack of enthusiasm in danger of spending the next 10 years on a chain gang. Spectator JIVE.

    The Chinese political machine ordering that their smog was really mist - and was to be reported as such or face being expelled - in addition to their BIG GOVERNMENT ordering the shut down of many polluting business in the area until the events are over. Sky JIVE.

    Then you have FAKES in the games themselves - with age-gate. The Chinese gymnastics team won gold, helped in part by a tiny gymnast who, according to China's own media, was 13 years old just nine months ago. Amazingly, she is now 16 years old, which just happens to be the minimum age to compete in the Olympics. This astonishing acceleration of aging is, of course, fully denied by Chinese authorities who provided forged passports for the girl to "prove" she was really 16. The IOC apparently has no interest in investigating this apparent fraud. Qualification JIVE.

    Lots more - but all of that after we already knew pet food from China was a health FRAUD - pet food JIVE. Even ingredients used by some American drug manufactures from China that were supposed to be tested and pure - deadly FRAUD. Drug JIVE.

    Lies, deceit, illusion, fraud, distrust, superficial, tricks, cheats, scams, JIVE - gee - sounds like one of America's candidate for president!

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