Monday, August 18, 2008

    The Morphing Of China <=> United States

    China is still a Communist State, yet the economic condition of China continues to improve. China is now the third largest nation in trade with the fourth largest economy in the world. A new study by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Albert Keidel, a former US treasury official, predicts that, by 2035, China will be the world's largest economy and, by 2050, will grow to twice the size of the US economy.

    There are zillions of factors that affect a nation's economy, but comparing the USA and China can be summed with one major change. China is becoming what the USA use to be and the USA is becoming more like the earlier days of China's collectivism - socialism.

    China's change: after about 30 years of economic liberalization - lessening government controls, allowing private ownership, lessening government interference - the natural synergism of free enterprise has been ignited.

    USA's change: after about 30 years of increasing government controls, increased government interference, increased government oversight, increased government bailouts - government control of which business would survive or fall, calls for certain industries to be nationalized, manipulation by government of the monetary system, and all the other increases of fascist-type controls - the natural synergism of free enterprise is being snuffed out.

    Some of the major turning points were the socialist unions grip almost 30 years ago on the big steel industry of America - eventually putting the industry into a horrible competitive disadvantage. Greedy socialist union leaders (of which Senator Obama has pledged and promised his presidency to) pushed the steel industry practically into extinction in the USA - 500,000 jobs lost and an industry as well.

    Same with the textile and other industries - and now the auto industry. The UAW wage demands adds at least $2,000 to the cost of a vehicle over the same class from Toyota.

    Want the totally truthful equation?

    Unions = socialism = Barack Obama = BIG GOVERNMENT = fascism.

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