Monday, August 04, 2008

    Register Guard + Mayor Kitty Piercy = Conspiracy

    Instigator 1: Mayor Kitty Piercy and her Progressive entourage are the ruling party in Eugene with Mayor Piercy coming up for reelection.

    Instigator 2: The Register Guard is a liberal controlled newspaper with some of the worst distorting writers (I strain to use that term as it might offend good writers) I've even read in a paper.

    Situation: Growing homeless population.

    Past - A stranger phones in: A few months ago Progressive Kitty was on an AM talk show on our local radio trying to push her downtown "revitalization" scheme which was coming up for a vote (was defeated - too many smart taxpayers here). A male caller asked Kitty-poo about the homeless scum downtown and said, to the point, no revitalization could take place unless the scum was removed from the city. Kitty-poo said her big plan was once mega-millions were spent on new everything so many of the citizens of Eugene would flock downtown to spend their money that it would push the homeless scum out.

    Back to Instigator 2: Register Guard, a supporter of Kitty-poo, starts publishing the growing problem of homeless scum vandalism, attacks, using store fronts as toilets, etc. - even devotes a front page on this.

    The kicker: As if orchestrated by Kitty-poo (I'm sure it was) and her Progressive entourage, the Register Guard gives the finale - Mayor Kitty Piercy and her Progressive entourage says the increasing homeless scum population is the fault of the 95% good citizens of Eugene so her new solution is to raise property taxes to provide citizen subsidized housing. So the RG sets the stage (shows the threat) then reveals Kitty-poo's grand plan.

    Basic logic test: Do you get rid of rats by throwing cheese down for them?

    Failure: Mayor Kitty Piercy and her Progressive entourage's reign in Eugene have caused this problem to grow - and grow - and grow. Time for a regime change - a total regime change with people that have a focus on the 95% of the population not the growing scum that just keep coming for Mayor Kitty Piercy and her Progressive entourage's handouts.

    Jobs: In the same paper that front-pages the "need" for more taxes to "help" the freeloaders is a classified section with many - lots - of jobs requiring no skills. Yet I see mostly younger people on corners - not working by choice - and the idiot people that keep handing them money! You can't help people that just want everything given to them.

    Get clean: Homeless scum often use the public library rest rooms to strip and bath - while little children pass in and out. This scummy element needs to be kept out of the library where families and children on their own go. In N. Calif. the town we lived in had a nice large library and only people with valid library cards could enter - and that's the way it should be.

    Better bath: If homeless wish to bath let them do so in the private bathrooms of Mayor Kitty Piercy and her Progressive entourage at City Hall - not where the children of Eugene go.

    Simple solutions Kitty-poo will never consider:
    • If they are illegally in the country hold them for INS
    • If they are minors from out of state then ship them back to their parents on a one-way ticket
    • If they are minors instate hold them for their parents and give their parents the bill - take them to court to recover costs for caring for their kids
    • If they are capable of skill-less work then hook them up with an employer
    • If they solicit for money on the streets arrest them for conducting a business without a business license

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