Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    11 Signs You Should Vote For Barack Obama

    1. You have to budget to put food on your plate and you hear of Barack Obama's $2,500 per plate dinner at the Regent Wilshire in Beverly Hills. You see this as a sign Barack Obama promotes eating and so do you - and this is a good policy.
    2. You know Barack Obama held a fund raiser at Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills for $28,500 per ticket that only the rich elite of Hollywood's liberals attended. You see this as a sign he cares about you and your favorites movie stars.
    3. You see Barack Obama's close friendship with anti-gun wealthy socialist Barbra Streisand. You see this as a definite sign Barack Obama cares about the elderly.
    4. You know Barack Obama is afraid to hold unscripted town hall meetings with John McCain. You know pro-Obama Hillary Clinton is afraid to appear in an anti-Ahmadinejad protest at the UN because Gov. Sarah Palin will be there too. You see this as a sign that Barack Obama can unify America.
    5. You know public schools are failures. You know public schools have become union-controlled government machines. You know the school unions continue to demand $$$ although they continue to produce less educated students. You know Barack Obama is against parents having a choice of vouchers and plans to make it extremely difficult for home schooling. You see this as a sign he cares about your freedom of choice and your child's ambitions in life.
    6. You know businesses are under thousands of laws, rules, mandates, and more recently - total government control and government market manipulation. Barack Obama says government must be more controlling over business and has painted a picture that big companies are bad - but forgets to inform the public how his government manipulates businesses and even oil companies. You see this as a sign Barack Obama needs to have government take even greater control of free enterprise.
    7. You know Barack Obama is 1 / 2 black and you feel guilty that America should have a "black" president and really don't care about things like policies and big government. You see this as a sign you will rid yourself of any race guilt complex you have been told you have.
    8. You know Barack Obama says he will create mega-millions of jobs out of thin air, that America will be energy independant in 10 years under his reign, and he will end hurricanes and heal the planet. You see this as a sign he must know what he's talking about although he's afraid to discuss any details.
    9. You know unions have spent over $300,000,000 (over quarter BILLION) to get Barack Obama elected. You know Barack Obama supports all things union - union controlled public schools, union legislation to take the freedom of a private vote away from workers, giving government contracts only to unionized companies, etc. You see this as a sign Barack Obama must hate Wal-Mart too.
    10. You see Barack Obama's wife finally proud of America since there is finally the hope of increasing their social status. You know Barack Obama didn't want to be around injured American troops in Germany and preferred the spotlight on the German stage so he could increase his global recognition. You know Barack Obama would rather laugh and entertain the rich and famous instead of spending time with real Americans because it's important he should be increasing his media popularity.You see this as a sign he is so popular he must be good for America and don't care about his policies.
    11. You see Barack Obama will tax "the rich" companies and corporations that make over $250,000. You see this as a sign this extra tax burden will help create millions of jobs.

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