Thursday, September 18, 2008

    More Lawyers In The White House?

    Think more sharks in the White House is change? Think more sharks in Congress represents hope for America? Think more sharks really care about you?

    Let's look at the professions of the major candidates:
    • Senator Barack Obama: Attorney, Politician
    • Senator Joseph Biden: Attorney, Politician
    • Senator John McCain: Navy, Politician
    • Gov. Sarah Palin: Journalist, Politician
    • Democrat Presidential: Obama/Biden = same old shark attorneys in DC

    • Republican Presidential: McCain/Palin = NO ATTORNEYS - real change!
    American citizens have been screwed long enough by attorneys in Washington DC. These slimeballs know how to manipulate the laws, create laws that favor them and their attorney friends, skirt the laws to their favor, and screw us in the end. The lawyers get rich while we get nowhere.

    Lawyers are an elitist group - even the potential First Lady, Michelle Obama, is an elitist lawyer. Remember she wasn't proud of America until there was something in it for her. This is the nature of lawyers.

    Remember Barack claiming to care for the black poor with one side of his mouth then with the other side, defending a slum lord? That's what lawyers do. It is what defines him.

    The only change I can see is NOT VOTING MORE LAWYERS INTO THE WHITEHOUSE or any other government position.
    Let's get back to politicians representing the people, not the lawyers representing special interest groups and their past & future clients.
    Those representing America should fit a profile like most of America - and most of America are NOT LAWYERS!

    More Liberal scumbag lawyers trying to get/stay into Congress:
    • Kay R. Hagan (NC) - ACLU card carrying LAWYER
    • Jeff Merkley (OR) - ACLU card carrying LAWYER
    • Dick Durbin (IL) - ACLU card carrying LAWYER
    • Tom Harkin (IA) - ACLU card carrying LAWYER
    • John Kerry (MA) - ACLU card carrying LAWYER
    • Carl Levin (MI) - ACLU card carrying LAWYER
    • Max Baucus (MONT) - ACLU card carrying LAWYER
    • Jack Reed (RI) - ACLU card carrying LAWYER
    • Tim Johnson (SD) - ACLU card carrying LAWYER

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