Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    Good For Who?

    The words of Senator BO have spread like wildfire. Nothing new to me - I've been warning my readers of this all along, but now out of BO's lips:
    When you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody.
    That was the worry of a Toledo plumber - wanting to start up his own business and asking Senator BO a question about his taxation burden upon even the smallest of businesses.

    Small business is not the only employers worried - big business is worried too. In the Sept/Oct issue of Chief Executive the industry leaders - those that create jobs - express their views on who would be dangerous for business growth and job creation.

    80% support John McCain. 69% downright fear Barack Obama. In a detailed survey of job creating CEOs the Chief Executive magazine surveyed many factors including the impact of taxes, regulation, education, trade restrictions, and sales growth - the policies of both candidates - and even graded both on various other factors.

    Barack Obama has activists, lawyers, and academians as his advisors, and this reflects who his appointments would be as well.

    John McCain has business executives, financial executives, and military staff, as his advisors and this reflect who his appointments would be as well.

    You can believe the lying liberal lips of Barack Obama or you can believe the very people that create jobs.

    BTW - Obama's promised tax cuts won't mean much if you're unemployed!

    The Future of Liberalism

    Canada's election yesterday might give a peek into the future of the socialist-liberal control in government. Tired of huge tax increases (like Barack Obama promises), tired of a failed "free" medical system (that Barack Obama promises), tired of the increasing power of unions (that Barack Obama has promised union bosses), and tired of freedoms being taken away (as Barack Obama's government will) - Canadians have voted to not only keep their Conservative PM Stephen Harper in office, but increase the representation of Conservatives by at least 143.
    ... the Liberal popular support sinking to a level not seen since 1867

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