Thursday, October 09, 2008

    What McCain Should Ask Senator BO

    The nation is focused on the economy - the down slide caused principle by making loans to people that were credit risks, especially home loans.

    Senator BO has challenged McCain to ask him face-to-face some questions, so here is the line of questioning I believe McCain should ask - right in the eyes, nose-to-nose, in his last debate:

    Senator McCain: Senator Obama, as I look you in the eye please tell this crowd and the American people if you believe taxpayers in America should be co-signers for high risk loans.

    Senator BO: I believe everyone should have the opportunity to own a home.

    Senator McCain: Everyone agrees on that, but you are avoiding the question. The American public might not know when you were an attorney in Illinois you went on the attack against Citibank because they wouldn't give mortgages to people that were credit risks. You, Senator Obama, even went so far to insinuate they were racist. At that time you expected the banking system and the American taxpayer to co-sign for high risk loans, high risk mortgages.

    Senator McCain: Answer the question Senator Obama for the American taxpayer, for the record, - it's a simple yes or no answer: Do you believe the federal government should force the American taxpayer to be co-signers for bad loans?

    Senator BO: Uh, you're mistating uh, you sound racist, uh....

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