Monday, December 22, 2008

    2008 - A Year Of Stupidity - 9 Days Left

    Desperation breeds stupidity, and that's what the world saw in the New York Times article blaming the Housing and Financial Crisis on President Bush. A once huge and respected newspaper - desperate to increase sales - resorts to tabloid-style sensationalism lies and distortions in a vain attempt to jump sales.

    Even sadder are all the other liberal newsprint that jumped to stick this same junk into their papers. I don't think it worked - if anything, it backfired. I suppose the Liberals need some sort of distraction from the reality of the Chicago mob-infested corrupt politics that produced Barack Obama.

    It shows the desperate measures of Liberal print - going down the toilet like Air America. Half truths or outright lies - people are tired of all their puke.

    The NY Times is struggling. Even back in 2005 they terminated 500 of their staff (4%) as well as hundreds more since then. The Boston Globe, owned by the NY Times, is going down the same toilet. Last year they closed all of their foreign overseas operations.

    This month the NY Times retained Cushman & Wakefield to mortgage off their prize New York Times Building in Midtown Manhattan (they own 58%).

    The pais de resistance of this Liberal rag? Standard & Poor's recently lowered its credit rating on The Times Company below investment grade. For those not familiar with financial terms, The Times Company is now rated as JUNK BOND status - just like their articles.


    Anonymous said...

    just a reminder, the economy has been bad all during Bush's Presidency--through 2006 real median family income was still lower than in 2000.

    And who controlled Congress from 2003 through 2006? The G.O.P. And in 2001 and 2002 they controlled the House, with the Democrats holding a slim one-vote majority in the Senate, as they have for the last two years.

    So you can't pin the bad economy on the Democrats--it's a Republican product through and through.

    Now own up to it and move on.

    JustaDog said...

    The blame lies with liberals, and most are within the Democrat party - and you are correct, some Republicans are liberal as well.

    Just remember the executive branch has no control over taxing or spending - that is all the legislative branch.

    A huge mistake in government interference came with Katrina - it was almost like a competition between Republican liberals and Democrat liberals who could appear more "compassionate".

    Government should have stuck to taking care of what it was responsible for (roads, utilities, etc.) and left everything else alone to take care of itself - and it would have.

    The focus was forced from the area recovering on its own to one of who should get what and how much. As with most handouts - everyone wanted more.

    A perfect example of liberal economics gone awry. For the past 2 years of liberal controlled Congress the entire economy has gone awry - and their usual modus operands - more handouts.