Monday, December 04, 2006

    The Anti-Equality Progressive

    It's 5:00 AM and time for little Betty and Toby to get ready for their 90 minute bus ride across town to their government-mandated school "choice".

    It really makes me shake my head when I hear the left (liberals, progressives, slugs, socialists, whatever label they like) proclaim how they promote equality in words, yet in actions they push very hard for non-equality.

    On today's docket in the Supreme Court will be this very concept - do we follow the Constitution's All Men are Created Equal or will special interest groups get preferred treatment.

    How hypocritical for pro-affirmative action groups to parade around with Fight For Equality banners that would demand one race to have special interests over other races. This is the mindset of the left, and they will come up with all sorts of excuses and non-logical arguments why the Constitution should not be followed.

    In the public school system the problem has nothing to do with one neighborhood's school being better than another. The problem with the public school system is the very fact it is controlled by the government. No standards to follow. No minimum requirements to achieve. No criteria for teachers.

    A curriculum that has social perversity as it's core and not academic achievement. Such is the realm of government controlled public schools. No wonder the Kennedy's and the Clintons and the other lefts didn't send their children through public school.

    Either the Constitution is the law of the land or we succumb to the left's interpretation of what is "right". For me, I choose the Constitution.

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