Friday, January 26, 2007

    Seductive Wet Voluptuous Sexual Desires

    Ever since animal life existed on Earth the urge to procreate has been a priority. With humans the urge often starts with the visual - curves, breasts, lips, an open mouth exposing a bit of tongue, legs, a tight ass, a pucker, those sensuous and inviting eyes, muscles in the right places, a fit and toned bod - all sorts of visual cues to get the hormones flowing.

    Seems like the best way to get the attention of many Americans. Now that I got your attention I have to ask if you even care about the rising crime in our country. Illegal aliens - by their very existence in our country - are guilty of a crime. Many here are immigration fugitives - ignoring orders of deportation by our justice system.

    According to Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, who's on the Immigration Subcommittee, most illegals are young men from countries with high crime rates and criminal aliens make up 28 percent of those in federal prisons. King estimates that about 4,800 people are murdered and 3,000 children molested a year in this country by illegal aliens, people who are not supposed to be here.

    The Washington Times reported way back in 2004:
    About 80,000 illegal criminal aliens, including convicted murderers, rapists, drug dealers and child molesters who served prison time and were released, are loose on the streets of America, hiding from federal immigration authorities.
    Those numbers reflected the ones that were caught - just think how much that count has increased since 2004 and what magnitude more are there that have not been caught.

    Over 21,900 Americans murdered since 9/11 - far more than all of the US soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined - yet there is silence. I have not seen any protests about these innocent lives taken. I have not heard Natzi Pelosi take one single step to address the 2,920 children annually that are sexually abused by illegal aliens - yet she spews the illusion of caring for the children.

    They call themselves Progressive Democrats. Yeah, progressing American toward destruction.

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