Wednesday, February 21, 2007

    Tony Blair's Wise Decision

    The Democrats are having goose bumps over the news that Great Britain is withdrawing some troops from Iraq. Not a full withdrawn - more like a downsizing. Is this wise?

    For Tony Blair it probably is. Great Britain's big mistake was allowing so many Muslims to migrate to their country. I guess Britain thought they were being compassionate and kind, but in reality they allowed themselves to be blinded by the reality of Islam.

    Islamist Abu Izzadeen, well known terrorist, said (talking about Britain):
    I'm born here... We have a British passport, and British citizenship but our allegiance is only to Islam.

    ... I have no allegiance to the British queen whatsoever and to the British society - in fact, if I see Mujahadin attack the UK, I always stand on the side of the Muslims - NEVER against the Muslims... Never! ... we always stand with the Muslims, regardless of the consequences."

    If the British public don't like Shariah, it's going to be over their noses, whether they like it or not. It's going to be over Tony Blair's nose and George Bush's nose as well - and for your information - the British government knows that. That's why they're so terrified of Islamists. I don't believe in freedom. ... We don't believe in freedom as Muslims. We believe we are, and every action is, restricted with the Shariah rules....
    This is the real Islam. This is how every Muslim thinks - each and every one. It's an irrevocable part of Islam. If they are not an active jihadist then they support the militant arm with money, public opinion, whatever it takes to achieve their ultimate goal.

    Gear up your own country Tony Blair - before it's too late!

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