Saturday, March 31, 2007

    Forging Deeper Into Socialism

    Union bosses have spent billions to get Democrats elected and it's beginning to pay off. Currently their focus for a long time has been the deceptively-named legislation called "Employee Free Choice Act".

    This is legislation that would prevent employees from voting secretly for or against establishing a union. It would be no different than exposure of who you are, how you voted, and opening the doors for your neighbors, co-workers, supervisors, and anyone else to harass you. If a union tries to establish a presence in a company this law would allow the union bosses to know who voted against them.

    So who is pushing this "Free Choice" act? Democrats, of course. This morning I received a BS email from Democrat Senator Boxer "honoring" Ceasar Chavez - Mexican socialist. About halfway down she writes:
    This year, I am working to see that Cesar Chavez's legacy is remembered as we take up important legislation for America's workers. Senator Edward Kennedy has just introduced the Employee Free Choice Act, enabling employees to form, join, or assist labor organizations and to bar unfair labor practices during organizing efforts.
    Fat union Democrat honky Ted Kennedy - anywhere something union-related takes place in D.C. the union's fattest puppet will be there - count on it. That aside, employees already have the "right" to form, join, and assist unions. The "unfair labor practices" is twisted deception that refers to the secret ballot process. Unions are pressing hard for that to change - by federal law.

    Earlier this month two employees at a manufacturing plant in Ohio have filed federal charges against their former labor union after going through what one right-to-work organization called "a pattern of ugly union intimidation."

    Once a union gets foot they control by intimidation, extortion, threats, and deception. Are you deceived with the language of the union bosses?

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