Monday, April 02, 2007

    Beware The Globalists

    Globalists - a term that defines totally opposite positions. To socialists (liberals and most all Democrats) "globalism" refers to the business world that expands their influence of jobs and goods and services around the world. "Global warming" fits into this interpretation since the concept targets "corporate globalism" as an enemy.

    To those that are Constitutional-loving Americans "globalism" refers to the socialists (above) that want to water down our Constitution and replace it with global rule and responsibility under the United Nations. Their motivation is the usual guilt-driven one; that Americans should feel guilty and thus responsible for the situations of the rest of the world - so pay up!

    Today's globalists of the second sort is John Edwards. Instead of focusing on making America great he makes the claim that American once had a global moral leadership that is now lost - and he will restore it. How? Your tax dollar and mine. He starts with the usual socialist tactic - exploiting children to make us all feel guilty. His big plan for the world?
    • Enroll every child in (government controlled) public schools. He will begin with committing $3 BILLION each year - through the United Nations - for government, and probably union-controlled, schools throughout the world
    • Preventive medicine - more BILLIONS dedicated to various United Nations health schemes
    • Restore global baby killings - a Democrat favorite
    • Give US taxpayer BILLIONS to third world countries (through the United Nations) for "Microenterprise" programs
    • Give US taxpayer BILLIONS to support immersion training and indoctrination into political globalism concepts
    • Create a new cabinet-level post for "Global Poverty". His platform states:
    Reform the Governing Statute and Congressional Oversight: Edwards will also replace the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 with a new Global Development Act to modernize, consolidate, and simplify foreign aid and call on Congress to revamp its committee structure to create clearer and more effective lines of authority
    John Edwards - Democrat - looking out for the United Nations - and screwing America.

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