Monday, March 26, 2007

    Starting A Business In Oregon

    Is your state like Oregon? Whether you are an entrepreneur and are considering starting a new business in Oregon or already have a business and you are considering moving to Oregon you should consider the growing business environment that Democrat Oregon presents to you.

    Wages - if you have requirements for unskilled labor Democrats in Oregon have made sure you get to pay one of the highest minimum wages to unskilled workers - currently $7.80/hour. This might be even more at the local level. (There are 5 states that don't oppress businesses and Kansas has a rate lower than the Federal minimum)

    People - If you have a business where the quality and morality of your workforce is important you should know that Democrats in Oregon will help make sure your vision is expanded. You might hire a male one day, then the next week your new employee can show up in drag. Even if you require a uniform your new employee might come to work in a wig with lipstick and heavy eye makeup. You will not be able to fire this worker as long as they are doing their job. (If you have some storefront and I saw such a person I'd be headed for the exit fast)

    Family leave - Expect to be obligated to provide long term leave should one of your employees become pregnant. You might also be obligated to give extended leave to the father as well. Democrats feel that it is your responsibility to accommodate the choices of individuals even if it adds to your cost of doing business.

    Taxes - If you do business in Oregon and you happen to have paid too much taxes rest assure your over payment might not come back to you. The state feels they have the right to keep over payments and call such theft "rainy day funding". However, you had better be sure you correctly refund any excess payments collected from customers.

    Location - If you happen to locate in the wrong place and find low-life scum hanging around your location don't expect help from your local Democrat City Council. They will respect the "rights" of the scum over your rights as a business owner. This has been the routine in cities like Eugene and Portland - and business have fled.

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