Wednesday, March 07, 2007

    The Lane County Oregon Lie

    In 2006 voters in Lane County Oregon voted against an income tax. In 2007 the governments of Lane County said screw the voters, we "need" an income tax of our own - other counties in Oregon have an income tax and we want one too.

    In order to "persuade" the residents of Lane County, the commissioners have used one of the two favorite motivators of government - your safety and security will be jeopardized if they don't get this tax increase. (The other motivator involves exploiting children) The first that will get the big chop will be police and law enforcement - with the strategy of invoking fear into the residents.

    The commissioners of Lane County like to say "public safety" is at risk but in reality, when they say "public safety" you need to know their term includes not only law enforcement but every social handout program - "public safety".

    Lane County is large in area, but short in population - less than 400,000 - far less than thousands of median sized cities and about the size of Tulsa Oklahoma. Lane County is popular:
    • High crime
    • Extreme methamphetamine problems
    • Increasing illegal alien population
    • Increasing social handout programs
    If you live in Lane County it's time to take back our county. This Saturday you can sign a petition to stop the out-of-control government from imposing an unneeded income tax upon the hard working people of our county. Here is a list of where you can go to sign this petition - if anyone knows of other places please post them in the comments.

    If I were in control the top three items on the agenda would be:
    • Put law enforcement as the top priority for the country - increase the current budget for law enforcement. The priority of government is the safety and security of the citizens, not social handout programs and not to grow support unneeded government jobs
    • Have the voters change the Charter of Lane County to support 3 county commissioners, not the current 5 (and dump those that insist on increased tax-and-spend policies)
    • Delete programs the county government has no business funding with tax payer's money (WIC program, HIV testing clinics, diversity programs, etc.)
    Lane County has money, lots of money. The problem is the management of this money - and a growing amount is going to support the increasing population of illegal aliens and indigents.


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