Friday, March 16, 2007

    Oregon Democrats Declare Robbery Legal

    You go to a store and make a purchase. The items total $8.00 and you hand the clerk a $20.00 bill. The clerk says "thanks for your purchase, please come back soon". You say to the clerk "excuse me, but I gave you a $20 and I should be getting $12. back.". You demand the money back that was given in excess for the posted price of the item total. You demand to speak to the manager.

    The manager comes over and explains that the store is going to keep your money as a buffer for periods when their sales are low. You say "WHAT? ARE YOU CRAZY?". The manager explains that this practice is perfectly legal in Oregon, since the Oregon Democrat BIG GOVERNMENT does exactly the same. The budget of Oregon is like the posted prices in a store, but now, instead of giving back the excess money collected - the Democrat's BIG GOVERNMENT has decided they will just keep it.

    They call their armed robbery "rainy day funding". Now isn't that a cute name - for grand theft! Beneficiaries of the growing social handout programs endorse this action of theft.

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