Wednesday, March 14, 2007

    Democrats Are Such An Odd Clan

    Democrats never fail to amuse me and disappoint the nation. Full of lies and deceptions and agendas of crushing core values America was built on, they are so obvious with their hypocrisy. A few examples for today:

    Democrats are calling for the head of AG Alberto Gonzales. I'm flooded with emails from Democrat sites urging emails and phone calls to pressure representatives to fire Gonzales. Senator Hillary Clinton wants Gonzales to resign - she demands it. I challenge even one Democrat to document where this outrage was when Bill Clinton fired all 93 U.S. attorneys when he was President. The hypocrisy and lies of Democrats.

    Democrats claim to be advocates of free speech. When General Pace called homosexuality immoral the Democrats whined and cried and demanded an apology (since Democrats see homosexuality as perfectly normal). Democrats put on a face of protecting free speech - if and only if it's speech approved by them. Don't you dare surrender General! The hypocrisy and lies of Democrats.

    Democrats claim to be a family-oriented bunch. They claim they want the best for children. The unionized Democrat public school system in Deerfield Illinois forced their 14-year-old freshmen class into a homosexual indoctrination seminar after forcing them to sign a confidentiality agreement not to tell their parents. Typical Democrats - teach the youth of America homosexuality is normal and try to detach the children from their parents. The hypocrisy and lies of Democrats.

    Democrats put on an act pretending to care about the legitimacy of elections. In reality, they are totally against legal elections and their liberal thugs in positions as judges help enforce their dirty deeds. Hillary Clinton in on record she wants felons (she knows many) to have the right to vote. Now, Democrats in Minnesota want to give non-citizens the "right" to vote. The hypocrisy and lies of Democrats.
    Happy Pi Day! (Brainy readers will know what I mean)

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