Tuesday, April 03, 2007

    BIG Jokes For Today

    Ok, so I get this email from the Wall Street Journal:
    Detroit's Big Three auto makers reported lower March sales amid soft demand for pickups and traditional SUVs. GM sales fell 4% and Ford's dropped 9%, as they continued to shun low-margin sales to rental companies and other mass buyers.
    All three of Detroit's "Big Three" auto makers have been under mob control by the UAW for decades and have faced huge increases in union labor-related overhead.

    The last part of the WSJ's email:
    Toyota's U.S. sales jumped 12%, helped by strong demand for its fuel-efficient passenger cars.
    Now for the big joke. A couple of weeks ago the UAW wants to help Toyota "continue to be a success"! WOW! A big extortionist union that had all but destroyed the American auto manufacturer business now wants to "help" Toyota - already successful WITHOUT the UAW union.

    Too funny!
    Turns out Lars Larson shows his hypocrisy once again. Today he got a caller that said "I didn't know you turned into a Democrat", in reference about Lar's continued drive to create more laws to mandate the lives of people. Lars said he thought laws should apply to protect children, but "adults can do what they wanted". Gee - just a few weeks after he was taking up several radio shows on why adults should be made - by law - to carry location devices when they climb Mt. Hood. Make up your mind Lars!

    Today he rambled on why a mother should be jailed. All of the Perfect Parents phoning in to agree with Lars. Odd that no one put any blame on the driver that hit the girl. I guess it was because the driver was a friend of Lars? Or maybe because the vehicle was a truck and Lars likes truckers?

    When a child or animal is even off the street and gets close to me my speed turns to almost a crawl. If that truck driver did the same that girl would still be alive. Instead, So "make more laws" Larson's solution? Jail the mom! Unreal.

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