Monday, April 09, 2007

    Church of Gore - What's In, What's Out

    Parishioners of the Goreology have been issued a revise version of their bible. What's out is referring to their cult as "Global Warming". The prophesies of Prophet Gore just didn't fall into place like they were supposed to.

    The horrible hurricane season that was suppose to follow right after Katrina didn't.

    The hot winters? Well we're into April and the Midwest and parts of the east are struggling with snow storms still.

    Then the Savage Nation posts photo-facts that one of the Glaciers that Gore used in his infamous movie (that liberals drooled over) is not shrinking, but growing.

    Now liberals and socialists are embarrassed - enough so they are dumping the phrase "Global Warming" for "Climate Change".

    The Climate Church elders have decreed that all publications, studies, and efforts to push nations and societies into their way of thinking are to make references to Climate Change - not Global Warming.

    No joke. Just search Google or Yahoo news for the new phraseology - it's what's current. Socialist anti-American United Nations now uses this phrase as well. Just think of it - if the climate changes then it must be the result of capitalism. Amazing.

    So who is really pushing this crap, once called Global Warming, now Climate Change? A few - of thousands - examples to give you an idea:
    Get the drift?

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