Friday, April 06, 2007

    FLASH! Pelosi Flipped Off Arab Leaders!

    The photo above was from a recent article titled Pelosi raises issue of female politicians in Saudi Arabia. As you can see she is smiling as she gives the obvious (but disguised) middle finger to the Arab men in the Saudi Shura council chamber. As you can see, the Arab men just laugh at her.

    Wow - think of it. The most powerful woman in the USA - going before a bunch of Arab leaders, bashing them for not allowing females into higher political positions, flipping them all off - all with a smile! I'm impressed - she shows she has more balls than Senators Reed, Kennedy, Murtha, Ellison and the like - all those castrated "men" - that now kiss her feet.

    Democrat Pelosi didn't discuss serious issues affecting the world as the article says:
    Pelosi, the first woman House speaker, said she had not discussed King Abdullah's recent criticism of the U.S. occupation of Iraq, focusing instead on praise for the king's Mideast peace initiative, and efforts to quell conflicts in Somalia and Darfur.

    She said talks in Saudi Arabia, which included a visit to King Abdullah's ranch on Wednesday night, covered women's rights...
    Ah - too bad her dominance took place IN AN EMPTY ALL-MALE COUNCIL!


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