Tuesday, April 10, 2007

    Don Imus - Ho Ho Ho

    Maybe I'm out of touch with shock-jocks but I have to admit that prior to all this fuss about Don Imus - I've never heard of the guy! His picture looks familiar - like someone that might be seen on a Portland street corner, you know what I mean. So what's all the fuss about?

    No, I'm not racist at all. I find it both funny and sad how public officials are reacting to Don Imus's remarks. On the funny side I'm sure it was just a shock jock just doing what he does - and he did. I've heard replays of his comments and I didn't hear him mention names, so it was a blanket statement. But the issue is a white male making a comment that some consider racist. Ah - racist - a favorite label to motivate, accuse, get sympathy, get money, etc.

    I personally think it was not a very nice comment, but this is his right - at least for now. Evidently this guy does this type of talk radio as a habit. Knowing this, why would people even listen? Why do people listen to any shock jock? But to listen is their right, just like to be a shock jock is their right. While I don't endorse the comments made I have to stand up for free speech.

    The sad part of all of this are all the media - from Lar Larson to Bill O'Reilly - is calling for the firing of Imus, and even government control of free speech that might be "offensive" to some special interest group. They are shaking in fear because unless they condemn Imus they will be labeled as racists. So instead of standing for the rights of the citizens they bow and submit to those that motivate with labels.

    Don't like what you hear from a shock jock? Turn the radio station. Don't like someone's opinion? Turn off the power switch. I'm afraid that all the forced sympathy and forced feelings of guilt will result in BIG GOVERNMENT chopping away at free speech, imposing penalties or even jail time.

    It's a time for Jessie Jackson to come out of the closet and wail of racism (and demand money be paid as atonement). It's a time for the media to play who can appear to be more sensitive. It's a time to puke.

    To all those shocked - GET A LIFE and TURN THE CHANNEL!

    Watch out Don Rickles - you're next. Welcome to the age of sensitivity and BIG GOVERNMENT.

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