Wednesday, April 11, 2007

    Creeping Disease or Common Sense?

    For past decades the term disease has been applied to a person's behavior. It is a clever yet obvious motivation technique that attempts to alter a person's behavior. For example, an obese person isn't just overweight because they shovel too much down their throat - they have a disease. In this application the person is relieved of person responsibility for their behavior.

    Now, Muslims have applied this age-old manipulation technique to non-Muslims. From an article last month at Middle East Online: Islamophobia: A Call to Confronting a Creeping Disease. The article starts by blaming President Bush then continues with Rupert Murdock. They go on and on attempting to divert reality - yet they never says anything about (less than half of murders this month alone):
    • 4/11/07 - Yala, Thailand - 26 y/o Buddhist woman burned alive by Muslims
    • 4/11/07 - Yala, Thailand - 19 y/o Buddhist man and his mom gunned down by Muslims
    • 4/11/07 - Narathiwat, Thailand - 50 y/o man murdered by Muslims
    • 4/10/07 - Srinagar, India - Shoekeeper murdered by Mujahideen (Muslims)
    • 4/10/07 - Muqdadiyah, Iraq - 21 murdered by Muslims
    • 4/8/07 - Baghdad, Iraq - 24 murdered by Muslims
    • 4/7/07 - Parang, Philippines - 10 people murdered by Muslims
    • In 2006, 16,791 Iraqi civilians have been murdered my Muslims - just 1 year
    • In April 2007, 438 have been murdered by Muslims - and the month isn't even half over.
    There are the Muslims that are the front line executioners, and the rest that fund the Islamic machine and cover for them - and are charged with public relations (like CAIR). There are the Muslims that help to strengthen their base by forming alliances with liberal governments and unions.

    Disease? I think not. Common sense? Yep!

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