Thursday, April 12, 2007

    What Lane County Has In Store For Taxpayers

    Foolish Democrats, always finding ways to rape the taxpayer and spend, spend, spend. Like the recent Democrats that proposed a plan to spend $36 Million dollars of taxpayer's money so every schoolchild in Michigan could have an IPod. Our Lane County in Oregon has big rape-and-spend nappy hoes here as well.

    Just check out the PDF document "Exec Summary-Public Safety Task Force Final Report" on the Lane County website. Keep in mind government will try and suck more taxpayer's dollars from us under the umbrella of "public safety". Also be aware these money-hungry liberals will threaten residents into fear of surrender. We must fight back!

    In order to sustain their mismanagement and social programs, this is what they sit around and dream up:

    Personal Income Tax - Page 24 - A Lane County personal income tax would tax income of residents, and possibly nonresidents', earned in Lane County. Estimated rape of resident's wallet/purse: $62.5 Million dollars.

    Corporate Income Tax - Page 24 - A county corporate income tax would be a tax imposed on net corporate income earned within the county geographical boundary. Estimated rape of corporations: an additional $3 million over what they already get (passed on to customers), and citizens end up paying in the end!

    Retail County Sales Tax - Page 25 - A county sales tax would be an excise tax on practically all retail sales of goods within the county boundaries. Estimated rape of individual's wallets/purses: $50 Million dollars.

    Gross Receipts Tax - Page 25 - A gross receipts tax for Lane County would be similar to Washington's Business and Occupation (B&O) tax, which is imposed on business gross income, rather than on net income. Estimated rape on business: $22.7 Million dollars (passed on to customers), and citizens end up paying in the end!

    Restaurant Tax - Page 26 - A county restaurant tax could be either a selective sales tax on each sales transaction for food and non-alchololic beverages sold in restaurants, or a tax levied on the gross receipts of restaurants. Estimated rape on all the little restaurants: $11.7 Million dollars (passed on to customers), and citizens end up paying in the end!

    Business License Tax - Page 27 - A business license tax could be an annual fee imposed on any person, partnership, corporation or similar entity doing business in Lane County. Estimated rape of businesses: $2.4 Million dollars (passed on to customers), and citizens end up paying in the end!

    Amusement & Entertainment Tax - Page 27 - An amusement/entertainment tax could be either an excise tax on sales price of admissions or entertainment service, or could be a selective gross receipts tax on those businesses engaged in the entertainment industry. (Movie theaters, video rentals, golf and mini golf, etc.). Estimated rape if you want to be entertained: over $570,000 (if UofO ticket sales are included), and citizens end up paying in the end!

    Property Tax Options - Page 28 - Lane County is prohibited from increasing its own permanent tax rate to increase property tax revenues (thank God) into its General Fund. However, on property tax option is for the county to form a new service district with its own permanent tax rate. Estimated rape of property owners from scheme: $40.0 Million dollars (based on a new permanent rate authority by the formation of a public safety service district).

    Now bend over.

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