Thursday, April 05, 2007

    Intelligence Test

    To make this as simple as possible the following 10 questions require simple Yes or No answers. Total them up and rate your results using the rating criteria at the end of the test. Good luck.
    1. You think Iran President Ahmadinejad comes close to diety, and he is full of heart-felt grace and compassion. [Yes] or [No]

    2. You agree with the Democrat mandate to abolish the phrase Global War on Terror because there is no global terror threat. [Yes] or [No]

    3. You believe minimum wages provide incentives for businesses to succeed and thus hire even more unskilled workers. [Yes] or [No]

    4. You believe Democrats want to advance an agenda of less government and restoring personal freedoms. [Yes] or [No]

    5. You believe Democrats will not take as much money from you in the form of taxes, or indirectly by increasing taxes on businesses you rely on (and thus increasing your cost) - despite hard calculations taxes will double on middle class families. [Yes] or [No]

    6. You have received global warming atonement by purchasing carbon offsets. [Yes] or [No]

    7. You are against school vouchers and don't believe parents should have a choice who educates their children. You believe the hope for generations to come can only be realized via the public school system. [Yes] or [No]

    8. You believe you are responsible for the health cost of a smoker, of a person that stuffs themselves and are obese, and all people that choose to eat poor and not care for their bodies. [Yes] or [No]

    9. You believe Muslims are not a threat. [Yes] or [No]

    10. When you see Rosie O'Donnell you see cute little Mickey Mouse. [Yes] or [No]
    Scoring: If you answered [Yes] one or more questions then consider yourself a helpless idiot.

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