Wednesday, April 04, 2007

    WH Press Briefing by JustaDog

    I think I would make a good Press Secretary. I would answer questions without trying to protect the person asking the question. I would be honest and direct. Answers without fear.

    The following are real questions copy/pasted from a real White House Press Briefing held this past Monday, along with the way I would have answered them.
    • Q: Well, on a broader face, why did the administration and the EPA refuse to take a position on whether greenhouse gases cause global warming?
    • JustaDog: Intelligent Americans take offense at such a misleading question. Inserting terms that favor socialist agendas such as "global warming" into a question at the White House is a blatant attempt to give false credibility to a concocted scam. If you rephrase your question you can ask it again.
    • Q: Back to war funding. As I'm sure you're aware, Senator Reid is now saying that he's signing on to the more stringent legislation, the Feingold legislation. Do you have a comment on that?
    • JustaDog: Senator Reid has a drive to mandate failure. To him and his comrades success is not an option, nor is supporting the troops.
    • Q: And just a little bit more on the American missing in Iran. It said -- the State Department said he had been missing since early March. Do you know why we're just hearing about this?
    • JustaDog: I suppose because you should have been asking the State Department about missing people before you asked us. This is the White House, not the missing person department.
    • Q: Another topic, the Supreme Court rejected one of the appeals by the Guantanamo detainees today. Does the Bush administration see that as some sort of a victory today?
    • JustaDog: It's a victory for Americans - to know our great Constitution does not protect those that want to destroy us. Tell me - does the Supreme Court ruling make you sad?
    • Q: Back on the Speaker's trip. Is it your view that her trip is, effectively, endangering U.S. troops in the region?
    • JustaDog: Natzi Pelosi's trip empowered terrorist nations. Terrorists are already praising their victory with the New Democrat Party. However, aside from the public photo-ops her secret talks were to encourage Syria and neighboring Arab countries to increase their violence in Iraq - even if it meant to kill more Americans. This would help to discredit the push to help the new Iraqi government and turn more Americans against the conservatives. In return for their propaganda support to place a progressive Democrat into the White House, she promised concessions to the nations that sponsor terrorism, a reexamination of the USA alliance with Israel, and a promise to give special treatment and protection to all Muslims in America.

      It would have been better for her to visit our troops and show support for them instead of passing them over for a trip to a country that has helped to kill our troops.

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