Wednesday, August 15, 2007

    Their DEMANDS!

    Some recent demands - or else! They just want to blend in with normal society huh?

    DOCTORS and health workers have been banned from eating lunch at their desks - in case it offends their Muslim colleagues.

    Islamic Group DEMANDS Left Behind Game Pulled. "We believe the message this game is promoting is one of religious intolerance. The game's enemy team includes people with Muslim-sounding names." Expect Muslims to push for stronger efforts against freedom of speech, in the name of "hate crime".

    Muslims DEMANDED Capcom remove the phrase "Allahu akbar" from their Zack & Wiki game. Capcom capitulates to the DEMANDS of Islam - under threat of retaliation.

    Muslims DEMAND a Madrassa in New York - paid for by American taxpayers.

    Muslims DEMAND EVIDENCE to be barred from a terrorism-related trial. CAIR rejoices!

    Muslims DEMAND students get footbaths at the University of British Columbia - and the Canadian government bows to the Muslim DEMAND.

    Muslim public relations strong arm - CAIR - DEMANDED FBI agents in Arizona be sensitivity-trained that Muslims are to have highest priority for protection, and any incident against a Muslim must be classified as a hate crime. The FBI capitulates.

    Muslims DEMAND that Muslim women (or men dressed as women) have a RIGHT to cover their identity in DMV identity photos by wearing their Hijab. New York capitulates.

    Muslims DEMANDED Muslim worker get special privileges to attend Islamic cultism prayers. The New York Transit authority capitulates to the Muslim DEMANDS.

    In what was simply a prank tossing of probably soda, one of the bottles (CAIR claims it was acid) landed near a Muslim. The Muslims freaked, and started yelling "Hate Crime", DEMANDING the local Arizona police to give this their highest priority - over real crimes. They also DEMANDED the FBI be called in.
    "We appreciate the professional response of local law enforcement authorities and urge the FBI to add its resources to the investigation," said CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper.

    Muslims DEMAND foot baths at the University of Michigan, and the public University caves in.

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