Thursday, September 20, 2007

    I Was Forced To

    Poor disgraced Democrat Dan Rather, now he's telling the world that his sincere apology was faked and CBS forced him to apologize. Poor Democrat Dan Rather - he's sad and wants to die with a reputation that he never really had - so he will sue CBS.

    What's with all these police tortures making the news? We have police tasering a student after he's down on the ground and surrounded - electrocuted just because he's speaking and they ordered him not to speak. He was tortured with high voltage and he posed no threat - he was surrounded and on the ground and held down by police. I hope this student sues to the max.

    NOTE: Democrat Senator Kerry could have stopped the incident easily, but he just stood there like a limp noodle. Think that shows this wimp limp noodle couldn't defuse a global situation, let alone a single incident in a school. That's one way of getting out of having to answer tough questions! Kerry - you're a totally worthless wimp.

    Then a couple of weeks ago (saw the video this morning) we have seen video of police kicking a woman to the ground and using their taser gun to torture her. I think if I was being shocked and I wasn't doing anything threatening I'd be inclined to fight back. This woman posed no threat to the officer and I hope she sues to the max.

    Then in Tustin, CA sheriff's whipped out their torture gun and tortured an Autistic 15-year-old. Why? Because he was running in and out of traffic after leaving a social services center. They could have stopped traffic temporarly and just grabbed him, but it's easier to whip out that taser.

    Then police got tough - against a 56 year old woman - IN A WHEEL CHAIR - by whipping out their taser to not only torture her, but killed her. You mean to tell me police couldn't subdue a wheel chair bound woman? Guess it's more fun to taser. Hope the family of this poor woman sues to the max.

    From Wikipedia:
    The resulting 'shock' is caused by muscles twitching uncontrollably, appearing as muscle spasms. However, because the amount of current is relatively low, there is considered to be a 'margin' of safety by a number of medical experts. Experts generally agree that this margin is highly dependent on the overall health of the person subjected to the shock. Usually, the higher the voltage, the more effective it is. It may take several seconds to subdue a subject with 100,000 Volts, but only about a second with 1 MV (1,000,000 Volts).

    What Senators made the choice to stand with Hypocrisy in Action and thus tell the troops they're all a bunch of losers? Well coward Obama was afraid to vote so he, by default voted with MoveOn and against the troops. The list sounds like top ACLU and socialist pansies:
    • Democrat Senator I Da Bitch Clinton
    • Democrat Senator I Love Accountants Dodd
    • Democrat Senator Pineapple 4a Brain Akaka
    • Democrat Senator ACLU Gold Card Bingaman
    • Democrat Senator Indian Hater Biden
    • Democrat Senator Worthless Boxer
    • Democrat Senator Lier Brown
    • Democrat Senator Organized Crime Obama
    • Democrat Senator KKK Byrd
    • Democrat Senator Let Illegals Vote Cantwell
    • Democrat Senator Burp'n Durbin
    • Democrat Senator Sleazy Feingold
    • Democrat Senator Vietnam Lier Harkin
    • Democrat Senator Pineapple 4a Brain Inouye
    • Democrat Senator Woman Killer Kennedy
    • Democrat Senator Wimp Kerry
    • Democrat Senator Anti-gun Lautenberg
    • Democrat Senator I've got Alzheimer's Levin
    • Democrat Senator Ethics violator Menendez
    • Democrat Senator They're Not Terrorists Murray
    • Democrat Senator Union Love'n Reed
    • Democrat Senator I love illegals Reid
    • Democrat Senator Still alive Rockefeller
    • Democrat Senator Global Warmer Sanders
    • Democrat Senator Bigger Gov. Schumer
    • Democrat Senator Unstable Stabenow
    • Democrat Senator Clinton Appointed Whitehouse
    • Democrat Senator Unlimited Abortion Wyden

    Let me get this straight. Bush invades Iraq and kills Saddam because we thought he had WMDs. But then Bush allows Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to come to the USA, use tax payers money to protect him, yet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has ignored UN directives, really is building nuclear weapons, told Israel they "should be wiped off the map", and responsible for hundreds of US soldiers deaths and deaths of thousands of innocent people. He has also said "Islam is the only religion that can save mankind" (cause he intends to kill everyone else). What's wrong with this "logic"?

    I guess Bush just forgot what "religion" was responsible for 9/11 and most all other terrorist attacks, pre and post 9/11.

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