Thursday, September 13, 2007

    Give The Democrats Credit

    I don't want to seem lop-sided in my posts so today I want to bring credit to the Democrats for the following:

    1. In an article yesterday - Colombia blasts US Democrats on aid - Seems like Republicans pumped money into Columbia to help destroy drug crops and the Democrats have slashed that program. Let's hear it for the Democrats - always willing to help drug traffickers!

    2. Democrat judges of the 9th Circuit Court are forcing the removal of a solitary Roman cross from a World War 1 veterans memorial in California's Mojave Desert - there for 75 years. Let's hear it for the Democrats - always willing to "show support" for the troops - even the dead ones that died for God and Country.

    3. Four star General Petraeus was elected by the Democrat Congress to check out Iraq. General Petraeus was mandated by the Democrat Congress to report back to them in September. General Petraeus did not provide the doom-and-gloom report the Democrat Congress wanted to hear - so they attacked him personally and professionally and made so many false accusations against this soldier. Let's hear it for the Democrats - always willing to personally attack when truth dares show its head!

    4. Key Democrats vow to block Bush's nominee to succeed Alberto Gonzales (you remember Alberto - the Democrats hounded him out of office). Ted Olson might have a tough fight getting the nomination. Democrats hate him and I understand why. On the top of the list he represented Paula Jones (you remember her as one of Bill Clinton's many sexual subordinates) in her sex harassment suit against (then) President Clinton. He also carries too much patriotic baggage since his wife was murdered by Muslim hijackers in the 9/11 attacks (on that plane that was flown into the Pentagon). Let's hear it for the Democrats - always willing to suppress patriotic lawyers that dared go against one of their own!

    5. The Democrat Congress, not wanting to be undone by Republicans, recently approved changes to the 1978 FISA which allows the NSA to monitor domestic conversations and emails and provides the legal standing for "CIA Cell Tower" construction. Let's hear it for the Democrats - who better to advance BIG GOVERNMENT! (Haa Haa Haa - did you really think they cared about your rights?)

    6. Speaking of BIG GOVERNMENT Democrats are stepping up pressure on the Bush administration to show that BIG GOVERNMENT is (or should be) Mighty Mouse when it comes to the so-called subprime mortgages. When you realize these mortgages were given to people that really weren't qualified by regular financial institutions to get a home loan you can see Democrats want to use taxpayer money to help these same unqualified people keep the homes they wouldn't have had in the first place.

      If you're a responsible home owner you should be asking why Democrats are willing to help unqualified people when they never came to your aid.

      If you're a renter you should really be pissed the Democrats want to use your tax $$$ so unqualified people can keep a home while you still have to rent. Let's hear it for the Democrats - always willing to use other people's money to buy votes!

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