Wednesday, October 24, 2007

    Of Fires, Stupidity, and Hate

    No wonder our country appears to be in such havoc - we have too many stupid "leaders" making decisions.

    For example, take liberal Senator Harry Reid's statement:
    One reason why we have the fires in California is global warming
    I mean, really - what a careless total lie. I use to live down yonder and fires in S. Cal. are as normal as ocean waves. I lived with Santa Ana winds. I've lived very close to mountains glowing red at night, breathing in smoke, ash on the vehicles - I've seen it all. It's nothing new - except to stupid idiots like Harry Reid that need to be under medical care for dementia.

    It is notable the difference between shelters in California vs. those in Katrina times. Demographics and political control make a difference. In liberal-dominated New Orleans you had raging hate, rapes, murders, assaults, property crimes, total havoc - and thousands running around like rabid beasts not knowing what to do, hands stretched out demanding BIG GOVERNMENT take care of them.

    Then you have the extortionist unions claiming:
    Quite frankly, our members are the only thing keeping the state from going up in flames.
    Unreal huh? Every wacko liberal-socialist entity will be playing the fires just like they do with every sad situation. But in this case, in predominately Conservative land, their "help" isn't wanted nor is their politicalizing the situation. California is not liberal Louisiana.

    Then you have S. California. People just chill'n, comfortable (yet inconvenient) shelters with plenty to eat and drink, people taking care of themselves (while liberals are running around screaming with a stop watch demanding the federal government do something fast). Where crime was rampant at shelters in one demographic, massages, yoga, and Kosher food are the daily fare with another demographic.

    Then you have (self-professed) socialists like Hilary Clinton and their hate groups, one of which is deceptively called Center for American Progress Action Fund. One of their posts today targeted Islamo-fascism week - of which they hatefully rename as "Islamo-phobic Awareness Week". They use all the guilt-motivation techniques liberals are known for - labeling anyone speaking truth as "racist", "campaigners of hate", "offensive" - you get the drift. No wonder Muslims - including each of their most radical and murderous members - are doing everything they can to ensure liberals get power in our government.

    One can only hope the legal voters in America are not as stupid as these "leaders".

    There is some good news today. That vicious black judge, Roy L. Pearson Jr., might be losing his job. You remember him as the mean black judge that used his position of authority to oppress and bring terror and a $65 Million lawsuit (later changed to $54 M) against a simple hardworking Oriental couple that owned Custom Cleaners. His raging hate eventually failed.

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