Friday, February 08, 2008

    What To Do With Your Funny Money

    I call the money many will get from the faux stimulus package as funny money because it's simply a numerical value that has nothing of value backing it. This is why global businesses are reassessing whether or not they should stick with the US dollar. Most people don't care but they will - if the USD gets left behind.

    In the mean time here's my advice:

    • Put it into the highest interest account you have
    • Put into your retirement account. This will give you a double bonus of being able to reduce your taxable income too!
    • Buy some stock in some solid company that pays good dividends with a stock price that happens to be low right now - like GE
    • Buy a book on business and/or economics and learn how the American government is destroying us - the liberal side of government.
    • Pay credit cards. Credit cards are unsecured debt and all you will be doing is handing money back to the bank. Yes, you should pay what you used but I would not use excess money (which the funny money is) to give back to the bank
    • Spend it on frivolous junk
    • Buy another cell phone - the one you have works fine
    • Buy a big air conditioner because you are afraid of global warming. Al Gore hibernates in the winter but he will appear in the normal heat of summer to proclaim his fallacy, but don't worry - heat will be normal as it has been for hundreds of years.
    And pleeeease - this is not a "Bush stimulus package". Only Congress can allocate money. Remember this as they give away over $1.7 BILLION to the United Nations - and that's just the base amount. Additional money will be given for such frauds as Darfur - where billions have already been given to government officials - than build themselves bigger mansions.

    It's your money (if you're a tax payer) and mine. Is your candidate willing to spend even more? Now this little bit just received from a email from Democratic Senator Boxer:
    I am also pleased that the Senate unanimously approved a bipartisan amendment to provide an additional $2.2 billion in funding for international affairs in FY08. The enacted FY08 International Affairs Budget totals $35.3 billion, including $1.7 billion for State Department international peacekeeping programs, a 10 percent increase over FY07.
    Get use to it - it's how liberals work - just keep throwing (other people's) money away without accountability. If Obama or Clinton become president, you ain't seen noth'n yet!
    BTW, the UN has gone on record and is demanding the marijuana vending machines in California violate international treaties and should be shut down. Hmmm - watch out Los Angeles, UN troops might be coming your way!

    Liberal Senators have requested the UN come onto American soil to monitor elections in the past, so with a liberal Congress AND a liberal President you might actually see UN representatives on US soil to make sure we Americans comply with global law.

    As if they can't spend our money fast enough President Bush wants to double the $15 BILLION "PEPFAR" program - aka, the AIDS in third world countries give-away. That's $30 BILLION for those without a calculator. I'm totally against this handout that's the result of people's sexual activities.

    Not to be outdone the Democratic Congress wants to show they are more compassionate and up that to $45 BILLION. And you wonder why this country has money problems?

    When will voters ever stop electing these IDIOTS!

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