Wednesday, June 18, 2008

    Their Dirty Little Secret

    The official call from President Bush for the Democrat-controlled Congress to release their big government embargo against being energy self-sufficient was made today. The mindset of Democrats is simple and took place in two steps. The first was to block oil harvesting because of environmental concerns. The second - and current mindset - is to force American to be reliant on other countries.

    The concept of self-reliance and responsible for one's self is contrary to Liberals (there are many conservative Democrats that don't follow the Liberal Democrat's philosophy). What better way to force Americans to be part of the "global community" that to force us to depend on other nations - primarily the biggest enemy of the USA - Saudi Arabia. If America was self-reliant then the (forced) need for America's dependency would be diminished.

    So here are various scenarios of how this will play out:
    1. Congress lifts their big government blockade - oil futures drop - OPEC reduces prices - Congress says "prices are now lower so we'll put back the blockade".

    2. Congress says they will work on possibly lifting the blockade but will stall in hopes of Senator Obama election to the Presidency, thus forcing Americans to be even more dependent on the Saudis and globalism.

    3. Congress forced by the American people to remove their blockade. Congress forced by the American people to NOT add fees to the gas prices, American's can be assured of future oil independence along with future alternative energy research and development in parallel.

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