Thursday, July 24, 2008

    Have A Warm Fuzzy Weekend

    Instead of focusing on all of the negative crap in our country I thought I'd post some recent news items that will sure to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy all over. This is all real - all factual - and I've provided links for you to check for yourself.

    Got too much money? Democrat Barbara Boxer and her other Democrat cohorts want to help you spend your money. Their plan is to "make a substantial investment in international family planning programs in the Fiscal Year 2009". Read her letter to see how Democrats want to increase funding to $1 BILLION each year for "international family planning". Screw Americans - Democrats want to spread your bucks around. No wonder Democrat Obama - aka Mr. Sugar Daddy - is drawing big crowds in other countries.

    I mean really, we all have too much money sitting around and it's really not a big problem to pay higher taxes for the good of the UN - is it? I'm so fuzzy warm knowing Democrats will always think of ways to spend my surplus! Since Democrats took control of Congress their spending spree is approaching $10 TRILLION - in DEBT - money you and your children will have to pay.

    Well thank God for Desmond TuTu. The Tutu, in a video message for the UK-based World Development Movement (WDM), has backed calls for the British government and British citizens to take "tough action" on climate change.

    The Anglican Archbishop of past Desmond Toot Toot has declared that businessmen that take airplane flights instead of using video conferencing are sentencing the poor people of the world to DEATH! I wonder if this includes Al Gore and all his jet trips? Good ole Toot Toot, he doesn't hold back on showing his intellect and Nobel wisdom and that's worth a few fuzzy goosebumps!

    I think it's great that TooToo has expanded his expertise into Earth Climatology - why not! Every other socialist has jumped on the bandwagon! I just feel so secure in the future of icebergs knowing Toot Toot is on top of this crisis (not)!

    If you live in Europe you can now by "ethical" car insurance - yep - carbon neutral car insurance. Damn - why didn't I think of that! Promising people they can save money on insurance for their gas-guzzler and at the same time "save the planet". In the text of the advertisement they say "You'll also get that warm fuzzy feeling you get inside from knowing you're doing your bit to help fight climate change.".

    Yep - it's comforting to know that America is not the only place STUPID people live! Gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling just thinking of all the money IBuyEco is making! Ah, those crafty Europeans.

    Oakland Airport - in the land of Democrats - will buy 26 natural gas combustion buses as shuttles. Here we have a pile of Democrats that have been ranting about global warming and what do they do? They go out and buy combustion engine buses. Can't these fools just sit down with the Walt Disney engineers and find out how Disney has been using electric vehicles to shuttle patrons around for decades?

    But I guess natural gas is suppose to be "better" than stinky diesel so let's get that good fuzzy feeling about the smaller carbon footprint of their combustion choice.

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