Thursday, July 24, 2008

    Hynix Closure - Smart Business Move

    Oregon Democrat politicians were stunned when Hynix announced they are shutting their plant in Eugene, Oregon. Obviously they don't read my blog because if they did they would have known this closure was inevitable.

    On the eve of yet another rise in the Federal minimum wage the Hynix closure means the end of employment for 1,113 workers. Let's drop the emotion and just check some facts -

    Semiconductors are in huge demand yet this business sector is extremely competitive and every tiny profit percent can mean life or death. Hynix could have upgraded their only US facility but serious considerations had to be made:

    Oregon's Democrat government forces their company to pay a minimum wage higher than the national average, and with a Democrat-controlled Congress this government intervention mandating what unskilled employees must be paid causes businesses to suffer and their profit margins to shrink

    Oregon is not a business-friendly state nor is the city of Eugene. Continued forced mandates and a growing big government (even at the local level) intrudes into the business activities that should not be controlled and manipulated by business-ignorant Democrat politicians

    Oregon Democrats are money hungry careless fools that have no end to their tax-and-spend frenzy. Hynix was paying $4.47 million in taxes each year - and that was just to the city of Eugene - even more to the State of Oregon. In the local liberal paper Eugene's Liberal Democrat Mayer Kitty Piercy said that they plan to raise taxes on Eugene property owners to make up the tax loss from Hynix. Just like a Democrat - don't change your spending habits - just raise taxes on everyone. Even if you rent your landlord will pass this cost on to you!

    I predicted various times in my posts that companies would leave the USA because of growing government interference and Hynix isn't the first and it won't be the last. Those that are American companies will eventually sell to foreign companies that will shift operations out of the USA. As Democrats continue to strip the freedom from companies just listen to that sucking sound grow - jobs and wealth sucked out of America.
    In a free society, employers should have the right to hire and fire workers and to pay them wages that are mutually agreed upon, and workers should have the right to freely compete for jobs and, thus, to accept employment at mutually beneficial wage rates.

    A worker's minimum acceptable hourly wage, of course, will depend on his or her next best alternative employment opportunity and, hence, on the value of his or her productivity in the marketplace.
    Behold - the great Democrat Change for America - enjoy it - YOU voted them in!

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