Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    Behold - Your Liberal Saviours

    What you are witnessing in American's economy is Liberal Creep.

    Liberals (on both sides) started with government handout programs, advanced to forcing loans to unqualified people (which they are still promoting), now with frantic moves to use the force and might of growing government to force the economy to get better.

    Free enterprise hasn't existed for decades, with each passing year more government mandates, taxes, rules, regulations, controls, etc. have chipped away the force of Capitalism. Achievement and success - once rewarded - is now spurned and penalized.

    With the big government fist up the ass of industry the liberals try and blame Capitalism, when in fact any intelligent person knows it has been the burden of the growing liberal government that is the problem.

    Now, with America facing such financial problems, Liberals are out in full force to prove that government is the saviour of the nation and of the world. They are trying all manner of "fixes" - costing you and your children decades of pain. We have become the bailout nation, a frantic Liberal Congress in denial of their own absurdities. They are trying every gimmick they can think of - except to back off and allow free enterprise to recover.

    Politicians and lawyers deciding who is worthy to get your tax money. They manipulate, lie, pay off their pet industries like Hollywood and unions, they force their edicts upon the helpless Americans.

    My conscience is clear - I did not vote for any liberals to Congress. I'm too smart for that. How about you? Did you really believe their lies? The jokes on you - and your children.

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    Countrygirl said...

    And now they want to bail out the UAW. Hyperinflation, here we come. Isn't that just lovely?