Monday, November 17, 2008

    Nothing New Under The Sun

    Germans were told there would be change too. Uh yeah - real change, by the power they gave 1 man.

    People in fearful times make disparate choices. Their decisions are emotional, not rational. They'd rather respond to eye candy and superficial promises than logic and reason.

    Remember all the whining from Liberals about the abuse of Executive Powers of the Bush administration? You haven't seen anything yet - just wait until Barack Obama, America's first and only black Der Fuhrer, begins his reign.

    Der Schwarz Fuhrer has made no secret about his intent to use the powers of the Executive Order to force his dictates upon the American people. In doing so he will use both scare tactics and guilt tactics to justify his actions - two of the most common motivational techniques of dictators. For example, our country will collapse unless I do this, or it helps us as a country when we help those that are too lazy to help themselves - you get the point.

    The huge union-controlled auto industry is a current example. Death by union is what is happening there, and knowing full well that Barack Obama (and various other anti-American Congress people) have been bought and paid for by union bosses - it only stands to reason they will try and pump taxpayer $$$ into the union bosses pockets.

    Der Schwarz Fuhrer has come a long way. From his earlier life with socialist activists, union bosses, Chicago thug mafioso politics to a new weapon of mass destruction - the Executive Order pen. Just a tiny fraction of what what we already know is to come from Der Schwarz Fuhrer:
    • Remove restrictions for stem cell research - FORCE research with slaughtered children cells using tax payer $$$
    • Remove gag order on global organizations regarding abortion - FORCE international abortion funding using tax payer $$$
    • Restore ban on off-shore drilling (up go your gas prices)
    • Restore ban on oil, gas drilling on federal lands (up go your gas prices)
    Probable future mandates from Der Schwarz Fuhrer:
    • Abolish the death penalty
    • Extreme gun control against law-abiding citizens
    • Give felons the right to vote
    • Amnesty for illegal aliens, along with instant participation in Social Security benefits, Medicare, Medicaid
    • Nationalization of homosexuality, including forced acceptance of homo-marriages - even against hundred of millions against it
    • Strengthening "hate crime" laws to include selected speech
    • Force US taxpayers to pay for global incompetence
    Make no mistake - Der Schwarz Fuhrer will test Congress on their Constitutional authority to determine how far he can control a country - and a world. The question for Congress, even a Liberal one, is how far will they cede thier powers to Der Schwarz Fuhrer.

    What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun.


    Anonymous said...

    justadog: People in fearful times make disparate choices.

    Did you mean to say "desperate choices" ?

    JustaDog said...

    I think the election of an inexperienced socialist in the same manner as Germany elected Hitler when that country was experiencing financial problems defines what I mean.

    disparate: in the context of the past election it refers to electing based on "hope" of something different.

    The problem is Obama is not different and reflects a continuation of the past 2 years of the Democrat-controlled Congress - where all the budget and money handouts take place.

    Please don't tell me you're one of the ignorant that thinks the president controls the budget do you? If you do I'd suggest you investigate the branches of government and what authorities they are responsible for - and which is responsible for the budget.