Wednesday, November 05, 2008

    The Land Of Sau

    It was the dark days of in the land of Sau. The Brailles had slowly changed the landscape of the land - making the sky darker and darker, and the people of Sau were in distress and became fearful.

    It became clear the people were distressed and the Brailles also feared the people might come to realize the truth of their evil deeds. The elders of the Brailles gathered in secret and decided the people needed a new god. The elders reasoned if they could create this god they could control the people of Sau.

    The elders of Brailles commissioned the Dee-En-See to create a new god.
    The people of Sau must believe in something different - different from what we have been driving them to. We must continue our conquest of Sau and a new god will help.
    The shrewd Dee-En-See found a person of the land of Depots laced with ivory and ebony. The Dee-En-See saw new hope for their conquest of Sau. They adorned their new god with rubies to represent experience, diamonds to represent equality, and sith to represent freedom.

    The elders of the Brailles approved and built an altar before it and made proclamation -
    Behold people of Sau - behold your deliverer! Behold your god - Maboa - that will deliver you from your distress! Your god Maboa is not the same but different and represents change.

    If you worship Maboa then Maboa will grant your every wish and every prayer. You must cast away your gods of old and embrace Maboa.

    The people of Sau, with their minds drunk and blinded by their distress and fear, rejoiced in their new god of change - Maboa.

    For a time they danced and cried with joy in the streets and brought offerings of gold and silver, of their freedoms once known, their children. They worshiped their new god Maboa and swore allegiance to the deity created by the elders of Brailles - over their allegiance to their homeland of Sau.

    As time passed the people of Sau realized their distress was worse than before Maboa came. The people of Sau grumbled, and the elders of the Brailles sent forth soldiers to protect the image of their god Maboa - cutting the tongues of anyone that dare speak against the god.

    But the people of Sau eventually rose up and retook their land of Sau from the Brailles and beheaded the elders and cast the god creation of the Brailles into the hole of sith. The people of Sau learned never to compromise with the evil of the Brailles ever again, and to stand strong in their beliefs.

    Eventually people of Sau removed the dark clouds of the Brailles that had all but destroyed their land and the light of the Son beamed life and freedom upon their land once again.

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