Wednesday, November 26, 2008

    What A Change

    Perhaps one of the more famous Thanksgivings date back to 1621 with the Pilgrims at Plymouth. The pilgrims and various Indians socialized together, ate together, and traded with each other - all without government interference.

    Pilgrims thanked the Christian God - not Allah. They had no motive of conquest like Islam does, no desire to behead non-believers, but instead shared with others - there was harmony. Eventually they established a government based on the Christian religion and principles - not on atheism, homosexuality, socialism, communism, Obamaism, or any such principles that decay a society.

    The largest growth of a new nation took place because of the great freedom they enjoyed. No big government to dictate what to grow, who they could hire, where they could go, what they could accept for payments - and no big government to pay tribute to for the purpose of dispersion elsewhere.

    Little could they know that hundreds of years from their early days their offspring would be forced to enslavement by a growing fascist government - far more cruel and controlling than the government they fled.

    Little could they know that hundreds of years from their early days their offspring would be forced to accept:
    • socialist entities like unions that would become a cancer to all businesses
    • a restrictive and controlling government
    • forced tributes to nations and peoples far away
    • forced removal of self-determination and self-destiny
    • an overbearing taskmaster that would enslave their offspring into forced sexual deviant acceptance
    • forced removal of the Christianity that founded America
    • forced behavior modification
    • forced government definitions of what is good or evil, hate or free speech
    • forced compliance to the dictates of a few
    • the decline of hope where an American could realize their dreams come true
    The new "Amerika" - the "Progressive Amerika".


    Scottiebill said...

    Karl Marx would definitely approve of your list. His type of socialism is going to emerge in full bloom on January 21, lead by Comrade Obama and his loyal sycophants, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and their minions.

    JustaDog said...

    Good to see a rare intelligent person still exists!