Wednesday, December 03, 2008


    With all the news attention to contrived crisis there are certainties you can be sure of.
    • YOUR Liberal Congress WILL provide taxpayer $ to the UAW machine (they will give the appearance that they, Congress, is tough and watching out for your money) - the unions own the liberal politician and will win your money
    • Liberal media will continue to push the mortgage crisis with stories like 3Q mortgage delinquencies shoot higher - 3.96% of people holding a mortgage behind in their payments - but will NEVER cover the story that 96.04% of mortgage holders are doing just fine
    • The next terrorist attack will be executed by Muslims, yet Liberals continue to protect the most deadly conquest-driven "religion" with special civil rights
    • If you live in a liberal controlled state or city expect your taxes and fees to increase while they reduce critical services like law enforcement - their priority is protecting the unions that have infiltrated the public services sector, especially local and state construction and social services jobs
    • Your tax money, and the future tax money yet paid, will be distributed to Liberal-controlled states that have been managed poorly; states that have openly paid for huge handout programs to lazy people, to illegal aliens (and their children), to growing union demands in the public services sector
    • Not 1 Liberal politician will ever face charges for conspiracy to commit fraud, nor will any of them be required to disclose the their investment portfolios to determine the extent of the conflict of interest they've been involved in
    • Rep. Charles Rangel will not be charged criminally in any wrong doing linked to his fraud and ethics violations - because he is both a Liberal and he is black - instant free pass
    • Unions strikes will increase and combined with Barack Obama's plan to make it illegal for companies to hire replacements when strikes occur - expect inflation to zoom as well as your taxes and fees you pay
    • Liberals will literally scare you to pay more taxes and support their union machine

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    Scottiebill said...

    When Congress gives that money to the Automobile manufacturers, they also will appoint a "car czar" to oversee that money. But, the "car czar" will be looking the other way while the unions are busy with their shenanigans. Probably under orders from Comrade Obama.