Thursday, December 04, 2008

    Has America Gone Stupid?

    Anyone that has taken a basic government course should know that only Congress can pass a budget and spend your money. It is obvious from the past election a majority of people are ignorant of how our government works.

    Two days ago an article in the WSJ titled The Pelosi Record pointed out the obvious - but I guess the majority of voters either don't care or are blinded by party loyalty.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

    likes to thunder against "the failures of eight years of the Bush economic policies." The stock market has collapsed, she hisses, "because of a Republican philosophy of greed, deregulation, and tax cuts."

    WSJ facts:

    almost the entire decline in the economy has come since she picked up the Speaker's gavel. The stock market has decisively voted thumbs-down on the Pelosi paradigm, with the Dow falling from 12,157 in November 2006 to 8,600 today

    The night of the Democratic landslide election of 2006, the net worth of the country was roughly $50 trillion. Now it's at least $6 trillion lower.

    Democrats promised jobs and pay raises, but the unemployment rate has climbed steadily from 4.5% to 6.7%. The misery index (inflation plus the unemployment rate) has nearly doubled during Ms. Pelosi's watch.

    Two years ago Speaker Pelosi solemnly pledged a new ethic of fiscal responsibility if voters would empower her with the Speaker's gavel. Instead the federal budget deficit has soared from $165 billion in fiscal year 2007 to $486 billion in 2008 and could reach $1 trillion in 2009.

    Meanwhile, routine federal spending has risen by $400 billion in two years -- a figure that does not include the cost of the three federal banking bailouts, and counting. All of this can't be blamed solely on President Bush because it is Congress that has the power of the purse.

    Meanwhile, the change that Democrats promised to bring when they took control of Congress continues to happen - just not in the interest of Americans. A small fraction of what has been going on within the past 48 hours:
    • Presto Products Co. plans to cut 250 jobs
    • Bakersfield newspaper plans to cut 25 jobs
    • United Airlines plans to cut 1,200 jobs
    • East TN Zinc plans to cut 320 jobs
    • Arizona Republic cut 68 jobs yesterday, eventually 2,000
    • AT&T plans to cut 12,000 jobs
    • Adobe Systems plans to cut 600 jobs
    • Cessna cutting over 500 jobs
    • Celebrate Express cutting 200 jobs
    • US Steel cutting 3,500 jobs
    I can go on and on - if you have any doubts just search for recent news on Google using "layoff". Way too many to list on this post.

    Enjoy the New Change that Democrats have brought to America - YOU elected them into power, YOU elected them to control the purse strings, and YOU are getting shafted and you don't even know by who.

    Uh - bend over a bit more.


    Scottiebill said...

    Of course President Bush can be blamed for the troubles we have now. After all, the Pelosi-Reid cartel of Congressional anarchists have made it their lifes work and duty to blame anything that has gone wrong with the U.S since the turn of the last century. I'm surprised they haven't blamed Bush for the assassinations of President McKinley and JFK like they blamed 9-11 on Bush, not the Arab criminals.

    Scottiebill said...

    Another thought or two: When, not if, Chairman Obama screws up after he is inaugurated, it is highly likely that the Reid-Pelosi cartel of Congressional anarchists will blame Bush for any Obama screw-ups, right up until the inauguration of the Republican President-elect in 2013.Nancy Pelosi desperatelyneeds to pack her shit and git -- back to her multi-jillion dollar vineyard and winery in California. And we all need to know the name on the labels of the wines Pelosi and her husband make so we can boycott it.