Monday, May 14, 2007

    My Teacher Is Uh Nappy Headed Ho

    If Democrats in the sex-obsessed Oregon legislature have their way this might be true. On the back of passing forced homosexuals and transvestites into the workplace Oregon Senator Margaret Carter, a black woman, wants prostitutes to be eligible for a state teaching license. Ah, diversity.

    Ms. Carter thinks she can wane off the morality of her odd passion for prostitutes in the classroom by claiming it would be "invoking the gospel of redemption and forgiveness, and the sins of judgment". Ms. Carter, you're about as connected with anything moral as a turd to Godiva Chocolate. I guess she thinks herself rather clever.

    Ms. Carter doesn't make any qualifications whether the prostitute can continue to moonlight or not, nor does she mention anything about academic abilities - not that academic abilities are required for a teacher in the union-controlled government public school system.

    No doubt she might have friends and neighbors and maybe even family members that are or have been in the whoring business. Maybe they have stopped because they are infected with AIDS and need a cushiony government job with medical benefits. Whatever the reason, do you really think liberal union puppets care about the students?

    What next you ask? It's already legal for male perverts in drag to teach in the public school - private schools too - Oregon Law, thanks to Democrats. Private schools have no choice, thanks to BIG DEMOCRAT GOVERNMENT.

    Do you really think Democrats care about you, your children, or their future?
    In keeping with the sex-obsessed union-controlled government schools the Ashburn Community Elementary School is facing a lawsuit for force-feeding a homosexual movie - Brokeback Mountain - down the eyes and ears of 8th graders, inflicting at least one 17 year old with psychological distress.

    Obviously a normal human would become distressed after such psychological torture - forced, no choice, and not even suppose to be seen by anyone under 18!

    Good luck with your lawsuit Jessica - hope you win that and more!

    Do you really think Democrats care about you, your children, or their future?
    Then there was Democrat teacher Frank G. Kauffman at Missouri State University that gave an assignment for students to write state legislators in Missouri to support adoptions by same-sex couples. When a good moral student objected she was hauled before a faculty panel on a charge of discriminating against gays.

    Do you really think Democrats care about you, your children, or their future?

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