Wednesday, May 16, 2007

    Fighting The Financial Terrorists

    The well-fed sleepy face above is that of Faye Steward, one of the three Lane County Commissioners that tried to terrorize residents with a new income tax. Faye is an education flunky - he did complete high school, spent 1 term at Lane Community College and left - he couldn't handle it. He then thought he'd try a major in Business Management at Oregon State University - but it was too difficult for him to grasp and dropped out. No degree, no diploma, and no certificate in anything. No wonder this idiot can't balance a budget.

    Yesterday voters stood up to the financial terrorists and voted by the largest margin against a county tax in Lane County. This was the 13th time the financial terrorists have tried - and failed - to coerce money from hard working people in Lane County.

    Financial terrorist: A local or federal government that increases taxes or fees - another name for a tax - for the purpose of growing social services or activities that government has no business being involved in. In most all cases mismanagement of current funds are involved, and growingly - support of the illegal alien population.

    These terrorists will stop at nothing to obtain more money from taxpayers - threats of reduced police protection, letting prisoners free, closing jails, "children will suffer", "elderly will suffer", etc.

    Other Oregon financial terrorists have tried and failed yesterday, thanks to the will of the people sending their message loud and clear - dump the handout and social programs, dump the support of illegals, and stop your involvement in sectors that government has no business in.

    Cuts? Expect Lane County to cut jobs that will punish the voters. Expect the social handout programs to stay, expect overpaid bureaucrats to stay and lower lever workers (the real workers) to be terminated. Expect handouts to illegals to remain (like English as a second language classes at LCC) while some police are let go.

    Change for the better will not happen until we recall the idiots and replace them with business-minded and educated leaders.

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